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Never Hug A Koala On A Hot Day!

Does that mean you can hug a Koala on a cold day?
Well that depends on how well you know the Koala; hug the wrong Koala and you could find yourself stuck up a gum tree.
But, no matter how well the Koala knows you and no matter how much you love your Koala, never hug the cuddly chap on a hot day; that’s practical wisdom.
That’s what’s so special about God’s love; it’s constant, unchanging and never fails but it is always demonstrated with sensitivity and wisdom.
God knows our hot days.
I should explain.Koala
That lovely soft, white fur on the front of the Koala is essential to its cooling system.
Hug a Koala on a hot day and it will overheat; its defense mechanisms come into play and it can become quite aggressive.
That is not showing love with sensitivity and wisdom; in fact it’s cruel.
I guess many of us have hot days and, though love is what we need above anything else, we’re anxious to keep our cool.
God understands that and is sensitive to the need of each individual.
When we were given the commandment to love one another he was talking of practical, tough love expressed with wisdom and understanding.
The Lord saw that mankind was in a mess but he didn’t give it a pat on the back or a hug, he died for it.
There are times in our lives when receiving love is more difficult to handle than giving love.
Love expressed with a mixture of understanding, sensitivity and wisdom brings a gentle healing.
When love is forced upon us like a thick duvet on a summer’s day, we feel suffocated and overheated; our need to protect ourselves causes us to react aggressively; we fight to be free.

Love is patient, love is kind.

Hugging a Koala on a hot day is not a cool thing to do.

By Ian Reynolds   Ian Reynolds