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Pause for Thought

Several weeks ago during our Sunday morning service in the Dixon Suite when Paul was preaching on the Glory of God, some of us had to stand out in the cold hallway, and kitchen so that we would not exceed numbers for insurance purposes. For those not standing outside conditions were cramped and draughty on the neck as we had to keep the door open for fire regulation purposes! Despite closing curtains to keep the bright sun from shining into faces, there was still an obstinate beam of light blinding folk as it moved across the room. It was chaotic before and after the service. The potential for frayed nerves was out in force.

I felt a bit sorry for us all (and myself) but was challenged by the Lord to think of other fellow believers throughout the world for whom “church” is never a comfortable physical experience. Bombed out buildings, trees, damp cellars in secret, the list goes on. We can all think of unpleasant conditions many Christians are willing to tolerate in order to meet together to worship.

Out of mulling over that challenge from the Lord came this poem.

It does not rhyme but I do feel it might sum up this coming year for GFEC.

This Year

Who knows where this year may take us
Far maybe from familiar stamping grounds
Into new terrain,
Virgin trails to hack under Your direction
Comfortable routines we need to forsake
Lest they hold us back
Regrets we need to lay down,
That if we continue to carry
Will become increasingly weighty,
Impede our progress

What joys will we be strengthened by?
Resources, as yet not supplied
Things You know we will need
Things we need to be waiting on Your good time for
Are You calling us to set out in faith?
Trusting You to have them ready when the right time comes

You are the same yesterday, today and forever Lord
But that doesn’t mean You are frozen in time
Slumbering or taking Your ease
YOU are constantly on the move
Pressing on, busy working out Your purposes
Creating new opportunities and challenges for us

Are WE hoping to rest awhile?
Settling for comfortable camp and relaxing days
Reluctant to pack up our past experiences
And move on with You
Don’t allow us to lag behind please
Keep us from harking back to days gone by
Maybe good old days or tough times
But either way, times past

Reassure us the best may yet be to come
Ahead, in the great unknown
Where even now You are
Preparing the way
Setting up sustenance and shelter
Protection and every other good thing
So that we will be strong for You
In the right place when You need us
In the best place to be available for those
Who You plan to rescue and heal
Who You want us to love and serve…………………Keep us moving Lord

By Fiona Massie
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